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Meet Our Team

All of us bring a wealth of teaching experience, a deep appreciation for Chinese culture, a passion for education, and a genuine love for children. Come learn with us, let us grow and have fun together!


Director/ Founder/ Lead Teacher


Haishu is thrilled to have the opportunity to share her passion for teaching Chinese with you. With over 20 years of teaching experience, including sixteen years in China and eight years in the United States. She has worked with students of all ages, from preschoolers to those preparing for the AP Chinese exam.

As a Chinese teacher in Los Angeles, she was part of a prestigious Chinese school with over 1,000 students. As a teaching supervisor and new teacher trainer, she honed her skills in the classroom and developed a deep understanding of the diverse needs and backgrounds of students learning Chinese. One of her strengths is creating engaging and immersive learning experiences through games and activities. 

In addition, Haishu has experience as a preschool teacher, which allows her to understand and meet the unique needs of young students. 




Jeni graduated from University of Michigan, receiving her masters’ degree in Design & Tech for Learning, she also participated in UCLA Early Childhood Education program to improve her knowledge.

Jeni has been a Mandarin Instructor since 2014, she has taught in Google, Cisco and other language schools. She is also a Learning Experience Designer, contributing to many projects by designing online courses in different fields.


Before coming to The United States, Jeni obtained her bachelor’s degree in Language Education and was an Elementary School Teacher in Taiwan. Her teaching philosophy is “Learn from the game”, exploring rules and surprises through games and integrating them into daily life. 

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Online Teacher


Zijing has a strong educational background that has prepared her for this role. She earned her bachelor's degree from the University of Texas at Austin, where she gained a solid foundation in Youth and Community Studies. Continuing her academic journey, she pursued a master's degree at Johns Hopkins University, further honing her knowledge and in International Teaching and Global Leadership.

Zijing's has worked with Pre-K to high school graders. Her teaching experience has enriched her understanding of various developmental stages, and the importance of creating various engaging learning environments. She is passionate about fostering a love for helping students reach their full potential.

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Miki is a highly skilled and passionate early childhood music educator with 24 years of experience. Miki's expertise lies in choreographing and directing children's choruses, where she has showcased remarkable talent and creativity.

With a deep understanding of music and a specialization in early childhood education, Miki excels in creating engaging and interactive experiences for young learners. Her proficiency extends beyond teaching music fundamentals as she possesses a remarkable talent for singing Chinese songs and ancient poems, enriching her students' cultural knowledge and appreciation.

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Meet Jared, a teacher with a remarkable fluency in Chinese. With a decade of dedicated study and extensive living experience in China, Jared has honed his expertise in both everyday conversational Chinese and business-oriented Chinese, particularly for adult learners.


As a native English speaker from the United States, Jared brings a unique perspective to his teaching, offering insights into the distinct learning approaches required for mastering Chinese compared to English.

Presently, he engages students both in-person and through his educational content on YouTube, making Chinese learning accessible and engaging.

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